• Poor posture hurts your health more than you realize: Tips for fixing it

    Ignoring advice on good posture can affect your overall health and set you up for neck and shoulder strain, back pain and even joint damage. You may dismiss the discomfort for a while, but it’s your body’s way of getting your attention.

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  • Sports-related traumatic spine injuries

    Harvard researchers examined data on sports-related traumatic spine injuries (TSIs) to see if different sports activities tend to result in particular injuries. They found that accidents involving cycling are by far the most frequent cause of TSIs.

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  • Take a weight off kids' shoulders: Backpack safety tips

    Now that children and teenagers are back in the classroom, many have dusted off their trusty backpacks or plan to buy a new one. As in years past, many parents are likely to be surprised by how much kids cram into their backpack and how heavy it becomes. Pediatric orthopedic surgeons at Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) have advice for parents and students when choosing and using a backpack to avoid injury.

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  • New technology holds the key to better care for whiplash injuries

    New research is set to significantly improve the diagnosis and treatment of whiplash injuries, one of the most common and challenging injuries following a non-catastrophic motor vehicle collision.

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  • Study evaluates robotic- and navigation-assisted pedicle screw placement in adult degenerative spinal surgery

    The use of robotics and computer navigation in spinal surgery is rapidly expanding. Increasing numbers of hospitals and spine surgeons are adopting the technology, which aims to enhance precision, accuracy and predictability. The main barriers to implementing the new technologies include additional time in the operating room (OR) and concerns regarding the accurate placement of pedicle screws.

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