Why Choose Dr. Josey

  • High patient satisfaction is our guiding principle. Dr. Josey aims to guide patient’s decision making as if he is the patient.
  • Dr. Josey has been a leader in minimally invasive treatment for spinal pain for many years.
  • Dr. Josey is fellowship-trained and exclusively practices spine surgery.
  • Dr. Josey offers a wide variety of minimally invasive techniques to treat such spinal conditions as herniated disc, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, spondylothesis, sciatica and many more. Dr. Josey has performed 1000’s of spinal procedures, and his extremely high success rate is evidenced by his satisfied patients.
  • Dr. Josey employs a knowledgeable staff that works closely with patients on all insurance matters and in obtaining financial assistance when necessary.
  • Dr. Josey only uses cutting edge medical facilities that are specialty driven and focus mainly on quality patient care and outstanding patient satisfaction.