• Home office ergonomics: how to work from home without breaking your back

    Keeping your eyes up, moving often and making sure your spine is supported are some of the keys to a healthy workspace – and they don’t require expensive equipment

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  • Surgery preferable to conservative treatment in chronic sciatica patients

    A study of patients with chronic sciatica caused by lumbar disc herniation has found that microdiscectomy is superior to conservative non-surgical care with respect to pain intensity at six months of follow-up. This was the conclusion drawn by researchers at London Health Services (London, Canada) whose findings were published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

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  • Keeping lower back pain at bay: Better exercises

    Scientists have devised a spinal stabilization exercise program for managing lower back pain for people who perform a sedentary job. After testing the program with 70 volunteers, the researchers have found that the exercises are not only efficient in diminishing the non-specific lower back pain, but their effect lasts 3 times longer than that of a usual muscle strengthening exercise program.

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  • The Most Common Causes of Back Pain—Plus, How to Ease Your Aches ASAP

    Wondering, “why does my back hurt?” You're not alone. Here, are the surprising culprits—and the best ways to shut 'em down.

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  • Spinal cord injuries: Types and recovery

    Accidents, falls, and certain diseases can injure the spinal cord. How a spinal cord injury affects a person depends on two factors: the area of the spinal cord where the injury occurred and the severity of the damage.

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